Our attitude to quality can be summed up by a customer’s comment: ”30 years a customer, 99% delivery reliability”. We aim at long-term relationships, producing benefits for both parties.

Looking for a machining contractor? Check our suitability for your needs using the list below. If we suit your needs, get in touch – contacting us is free and might produce results, fast.

About Fin-Machining:

Plastic is ok!

Plastic or metal, we machine both. We also import plastic raw material for sale to customers not requiring our machining services. 

Toyota system

Our production is organised on the LEAN-system, to the mutual benefit of our customers and ourselves. We concentrate on the essentials, when technical quality and efficiency meet our own aims and customers’ needs.

Savings through openness

We have noticed that plain speaking saves everybody time.

We believe in this policy from first contact onwards.  

Investment resources

We aim to be leaders in technology. When new technology is required to meet customer needs we have the necessary investment resources. 

Competent managers

Turn-over of employees is minimal, which helps maintain high quality. The owners themselves have training and practical experience in machining, and can at any time use any of the machines.  

Same day

Our aim is rapid service.

At its fastest, this means despatching your order the same day, if the product is in stock.

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